Tame the Crave – a few of my favorite *healthy* things

Ahhh, Fall – pumpkin spice in the air, crisp leaves beneath our feet, cozy scarves around our necks, ……………. and food, food, and more food. Everywhere. As I write this, there is an apple crisp in my oven. Only the second of the season, so I’m not doing too badly. But, oh, the temptations knocking … More Tame the Crave – a few of my favorite *healthy* things


It’s been a few weeks since I have written an update on my health journey. I guess the primary reason is that not much has happened. I weighed in again today, as I do every Wednesday, only to find I’m stuck at the same weight I’ve been at for the last three weeks. It’s most … More Stuck

Faulty Feelings

Today, my feelings deceived me. As I woke this morning, I groaned at the thought that today was Wednesday – Weigh-In day. I certainly wasn’t feeling any lighter than last week; truth be told, I felt as if I had gained a couple pounds. Did I really have to weigh in today?! If it weren’t … More Faulty Feelings

Does Celebration Have To Be Synonymous With Food?

My husband’s birthday was on Sunday. With that came food; not just an abundance of food, but an abundance of unhealthy food. And I ate some. A few more ‘somes’ than I needed. Apparently, I had a modicum of self-control because I didn’t gain any weight this week. I didn’t lose any either, though. It’s … More Does Celebration Have To Be Synonymous With Food?

Who’s To Blame?

I could blame ‘that-time-of-the-month.’ Blame it for its intense cravings, for its water retention, for its malaise. Maybe that’s why I’m only down half a pound this week. I could also blame my grumpiness on my kids, my anger on my husband, my forgetfulness on too many responsibilities, my lack of sympathy on my personality. … More Who’s To Blame?