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Love Quest – Walk This Way

The truth of God’s love is irrefutable. Yet, why do you and I still spend so many minutes, hours, and days settling into lovelessness? Souls aching to be enveloped in strong, warm, tender embraces; not just hearing, but to knowing, in the innermost places,… Continue Reading “Love Quest – Walk This Way”

Divisive Love

“I love you,” my 7 year old daughter cooed……. …… an invisible fist punched my soul. I don’t consider myself a jealous person – but it’s what struck me in that moment. My daughter’s affectionate words were not meant for me. Or her dad.… Continue Reading “Divisive Love”

A Breath of Love

Who knew a short walk would be so difficult? Our family recently visited Yellowstone National Park. We were awed by the magnificence of it all – the deep blue hot springs, yellowish and auburn rocked grand canyon, vibrant wildlife, shooting geysers, and bubbling mud… Continue Reading “A Breath of Love”

Where Hate and Love Collide

I hate the evil in this world. I hate what happened in Orlando, and Paris, and San Bernadino, and New York. I hate the fact that there are false religions that preach death when the true God is the Creator and Sustainer of Life.… Continue Reading “Where Hate and Love Collide”

Misplaced Love

Have you ever experienced the oh so gentle, yet precise, piercing of God’s truth through your soul? I recently received a new piercing; one that is still a bit tender. You see, I’ve been on this Love Quest for 2106, seeking to learn more about… Continue Reading “Misplaced Love”