Divisive Love

“I love you,” my 7 year old daughter cooed……. ……..as an invisible fist punched my soul. I don’t consider myself a jealous person – but it’s what struck me in that moment. My daughter’s affectionate words were not meant for me. Or her dad. They weren’t for a sibling (wouldn’t that be great though??). Not … More Divisive Love

A Breath of Love

Who knew a short walk would be so difficult? Our family recently visited Yellowstone National Park. We were awed by the magnificence of it all – the deep blue hot springs, yellowish and auburn rocked grand canyon, vibrant wildlife, shooting geysers, and bubbling mud pots. But, I remember one short hike in particular; though, not … More A Breath of Love

Misplaced Love

Have you ever experienced the oh so gentle, yet precise, piercing of God’s truth through your soul? I recently received a new piercing; one that is still a bit tender. You see, I’ve been on this Love Quest for 2106, seeking to learn more about God’s love and how to better love Him and others. I … More Misplaced Love

Fear – Be My Guide

“Fear is a deceitful aid. It can embitter one’s pleasure, make life laborious and miserable, make one old and decrepit; but it cannot help one to the Good since fear itself has a false conception of the Good – and the Good does not allow itself to be deceived.” Soren Kierkegaard Maybe I’ve got fear … More Fear – Be My Guide

Love Quest

When the bandwagon comes, I usually sprint in the opposite direction. Maybe it’s that independent, non-conformist PNW influence. But I’m stepping into 2016 and hopping onto two different bandwagons. Ahhh! What’s wrong with me?! The first is the pick-a-word-for-the-year bandwagon (I’ll write about the other in a later post). I’ve seen this idea pop up … More Love Quest