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A Parable for When We Want Clarity

A Master Architect, known worldwide for his dozens of stunning and otherworldly designs scattered across the globe, put the finishing touches on his latest creation. This particular plan was unique because it was not commissioned by anyone; rather, it was a personal project of… Continue Reading “A Parable for When We Want Clarity”

A Quick Quiet Message for Anxious Angry Hearts

Unrest is thick today. It has been for months now. Everyone I talk with feels it. The atmosphere is tense; no words are necessary. For some the tension looks like pit-of-the-stomach anxiety; for some it’s outlined with jagged edges of anger. Personally, I’m bumping… Continue Reading “A Quick Quiet Message for Anxious Angry Hearts”

For Those of us still processing

It’s like this. We fell asleep one night and we’ve woken up in a dark cave full of unknowns and uncertainties. We’re crawling on hands and knees, slowly moving hands up, down, around, searching for boundaries to this rocky walled cave. How high is… Continue Reading “For Those of us still processing”

Keep Your Seat

“Haste makes waste,” he chides, not so quietly, as a dozen of us observe a hurried student slip and fall on one of many perpetually wet campus paths. She was rushing to her next class. It seems harsh to me, a fellow hurried student,… Continue Reading “Keep Your Seat”

Guest Post and a Giveaway!!!

I’m so happy to introduce you to my friend, Erin Mullins! She has graciously accepted my request to share how God is developing her soul. I know you will enjoy what Erin has to say. Be sure to read to the end for a… Continue Reading “Guest Post and a Giveaway!!!”