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Why Am I Doing This?

There he was, lying defiantly limp on the floor. All the other children were bouncing along their way to the next Vacation Bible School activity. Not this four year old. And there I was. I’d had it. I didn’t even want to be helping… Continue Reading “Why Am I Doing This?”

Light and Dark

There are bright and dark sides to ministry, but in both God is completely present and effectively working. Half way in to camp we experienced both sides in one day. We started Wednesday with worship through music and devotion time, and then headed to… Continue Reading “Light and Dark”

The Day I Remembered I Am An Intovert

Time to continue with our adventure in Japan! Day two of camp arrived. I already shared the devotion I wrote for the students a couple posts ago. In addition, it was seminar day. Students had the opportunity to attend two seminars of their choice.… Continue Reading “The Day I Remembered I Am An Intovert”