How Was It?

As jet-lag is leaving my body, my mental faculties are beginning to awaken once again. And I need all my faculties right now. Processing two weeks of life in a place like Sierra Leone requires it. Since many of you faithfully supported our team in your prayers, I want to be sure to share our … More How Was It?

Call Me Jonah

Many people have asked me, over the last couple weeks, how I’m feeling about this trip to Sierra Leone. Excited? Yes. Nervous? Yes. But feelings are something I’m not so great at, so those two options seem only partially true. I have a hard time answering the ‘how are you feeling’ question in normal situations. … More Call Me Jonah

Our UNword for 2019

It’s partly the expression of my inner rebel; partly the rewards reaped from such an endeavor. This thing Cyrus and I did last year, having an UNword – a word we were diligent to delete from our vocabulary – well, we’ve found it to be a positive, beneficial, forward moving practice for us each individually … More Our UNword for 2019

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!! Love, the Rettmann Family

My first instinct is to apologize for a late Christmas Greeting, but don’t you think this is a season meant to linger anyway? So, here is our family’s Christmas greeting to you (the digital version, since there was no paper version this year). We started a new tradition this Christmas season – puzzles! We worked … More Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!! Love, the Rettmann Family

Softer is Stronger

The attack assailed me – swift and unexpected. I was turned the other direction, fortifying different strategic locations. A word. A thought. A deception. It sneaked in and lodged itself in a vulnerable and fatigued corner of my mind. Fiery darts robed in questions. Questions craftily construed by the Enemy. They say there are no … More Softer is Stronger

Twisted Admiration

Her presence reaches beyond the bounds of her physical body. At least it seems from where I’m sitting, a few chairs over at our shared round banquet table. We share a table at dinner. We share a similar height and hair color. We share the role of mother and the desire for work for the … More Twisted Admiration