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Baggage Watching

Sometimes I feel left behind. Many times, especially when my kids were younger, I felt like my Pastor husband was on the front lines of ministry – going on trips, attending lunch meetings, responding to church member’s emergencies – while I was left back… Continue Reading “Baggage Watching”

You Have Done Well

Some days I pause to read God’s Word, expecting great new insight or encouragement, only to finish without receiving such things. Though I never regret investing my time this way. Other days, I pause to read with few expectations, only to be met by… Continue Reading “You Have Done Well”

… but He can

Seven words at the heart of the issue. You can’t do it, but He can. I was surprised when the words, ‘you can’t do it,’ left my lips headed for my kids’ ears. Surprised, first because of their contradiction to cultural messages, and second… Continue Reading “… but He can”

A Mother Marked By Christ

Everyone has an opinion of what it looks like to be a good mom. You’ve probably heard all sorts of different, maybe even contradictory, advice. You’ve read some parenting books and practically memorized “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” and “What to Expect the… Continue Reading “A Mother Marked By Christ”

Dear Tired Mom,

I’m tired too. I can’t remember the last night I slept through without waking up to tend to a child. I’m worn out by the emotional demands of trying to do what’s right when all my kids do is what’s wrong. I understand the… Continue Reading “Dear Tired Mom,”