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Sandpaper and Confetti – What I Learned This Fall

In a span of six days, our family celebrated my son’s birthday, Thanksgiving, and my birthday. It was fun! But sprinkled in like jagged scraps of sandpaper amidst the sparkly confetti of celebration, were moments where I became frustrated, grumpy, and rude to my… Continue Reading “Sandpaper and Confetti – What I Learned This Fall”

Summer Learnin’

I gave up watering my hanging baskets a few days ago. August is positively crispy, and my once a day dousing isn’t helping my blooms to thrive. So, goodbye bubblegum pink and midnight purple Petunias. Farewell, sunset orange African Daisies and verdant cascading Wandering… Continue Reading “Summer Learnin’”

What I Learned

It’s been a season of relative internet silence for me. Fewer visits to social media, and even fewer blog posts. Nothing is wrong. But I find it’s in the seasons of deep internal work that I’m externally more quiet. The more inner energy I… Continue Reading “What I Learned”