Summer Learnin’

I gave up watering my hanging baskets a few days ago. August is positively crispy, and my once a day dousing isn’t helping my blooms to thrive. So, goodbye bubblegum pink and midnight purple Petunias. Farewell, sunset orange African Daisies and verdant cascading Wandering Jew. Until next spring!

As our family is transitioning to a new city and school begins and Bible studies start and routines settle in, it’s easy for me to discard the summer like I did my flowers and get wrapped up in what is to come.

That’s exactly why I need to stop. To remember. To consider past growth before I look forward to future growth.

I had a science teacher in High School who made us all keep a journal of something new we learned each and every day. At the time, it was a drag to have to stop and consider and recall information. But, maturity brings a new appreciation for taking time to celebrate growth.

I’m so thankful we all continue to learn; it’s a reminder that God is not finished with any of us.

So, here are a few things I’ve learned over the summer:

The History of National Doughnut Day

I didn’t actually eat a doughnut on National Doughnut Day this past June, but I did learn what it is all about. And it’s not just about consuming those doughy delicious delights. There’s actually a connection to WWI and the Salvation Army. You can learn more here.

That’s Awkward

For so long I blamed any relational awkwardness I experienced on myself. I figured I just wasn’t ‘in the know’ concerning interpersonal interactions. But I finally realized the truth: every single one of us is awkward in our own way. Do you know how much of a relief this is to me?!?! I don’t have to take all the blame or responsibility for awkward situations! I can just embrace them for what they are, and maybe end up having a good laugh when all is said and done.

I’m awkward, and you are too. And it’s just great!

Also, isn’t the spelling of awkward super awkward? 🙂

My Humor Tank

My brother and sister-in-law came all the way from Delaware to visit us West Coasters this summer. They are two of the goofiest people I know – and I love it! But. Having them around made me realize that I have a ‘humor tank’ and once it’s empty, I’m pooped. Physically and mentally worn out. Has anyone else experienced this??


Did you know that the word enthusiasm comes from two Greek words which translate ‘in God’? I feel like there is some great nugget of spiritual truth here, still mulling it over though.

Fig Tree and Ficus

We’re considering planting a fig tree in our new yard. As I’ve researched it a bit, I learned a fig tree and ficus are the same thing.

Preachers are Artists

The longer I live with my pastor-husband, the more I believe that preachers are artists and they would do well to consider themselves so. They arrange words just so in order to paint pictures in our minds through their stories, and persuade us to action through conveying God’s truth. I can also attest to the fact that they are completely mentally and emotionally exhausted when all is said and done.

Have you thanked your pastor lately for all he pours into his preaching?

Writing Reflects My Inner Health

The amount of ink on page is a fairly accurate litmus test for the state of my soul. When my thoughts and feelings don’t come out through writing, it usually means I am stuffing or ignoring my emotions. This is not healthy for any of us.

There you have it! A few things I learned over the summer. What about you? What have you been learning? I’d love to hear!

If you’d like to read more about what other people having been learning over the summer, head over to Emily P. Freeman’s website – it’s where “What We Learned” was birthed! I know you will be encouraged by her honest and gentle writing.

God Bless!


One thought on “Summer Learnin’”

  1. I am learning to embrace change and to continue to put my trust in God as we are facing so many changes in our lives right now. With one daughter planning a wedding, one moving across the country with her husband, a son starting his last year of college, and now suddenly my husband and I becoming empty nesters. There seems to be so much uncertainty about the future for each of our kids. Where they will live, work, etc. I am needing to lean on God more than ever and am so thankful that I know the God who holds our tomorrows!!


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