Be Coming

She sits, legs dangling, on the kitchen counter. That same wisp of hair again hangs over her right eye and I gently reach out and tuck it behind her ear.

“I just don’t know who I am!” She sighs. “What am I supposed to be?” Tears of sadness, frustration and longing well up and hover over the bottom lid of her walnut eyes.

Oh precious child of  mine! If only you could see how three extra decades of life don’t erase those deep exhales of questioning from my own soul, too.

How this very day I come before our Heavenly Father with the same words written on my heart.

And He says to me,

Oh, precious child of mine! You are so becoming – beautiful in my sight! And you are also becoming – growing daily into the footprint of my Son. You are becoming.

All you must do? Lay aside doing and rest in being.

Rest. And Be Coming. To Me.

Be Coming – to rest in My Light

Be Coming – to rest in my Love

Be Coming – to rest in my yoke

Be Coming – to rest your cares on Me 

Be Coming – to rest in My great power

Be Coming – to rest in My forgiveness

Be Coming – to rest in My grace

Be Coming – to rest with My people

Be Coming – to rest in My True Home 

Be Coming – to rest in the freedom I’ve won for you

Be Coming – to rest in Me, the true Vine, the true Source

Be Coming to Me. I give you identity. Be Coming to Me. I quench every thirst, feed every hunger, answer every cry.

Be Coming to Me. And you will be exactly who I made you to be.

The doing is done. It is finished.


I will direct you, in My time, as you simply be. Be Coming.


Precious child of mine, let me tuck that hair behind your ear once more. Lift up your head and BeCome with me. Be loved, be treasured, be held. You don’t have to know the future – what you will Be Doing – it is enough to be known by Him who holds the future.

Be Coming along with me.


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