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POTUS, the Bride, and the color Purple

  Now we know. Trump’s the one we have chosen. The decision between the two candidates has been one that, unfortunately, has brought out far more of our nation’s ugliness than its beauty. The division of our “One Nation Under God” is painful to…

Where Hate and Love Collide

I hate the evil in this world. I hate what happened in Orlando, and Paris, and San Bernadino, and New York. I hate the fact that there are false religions that preach death when the true God is the Creator and Sustainer of Life….


Today’s one of those days I just need to snap out of it. These sinewy, winding thoughts of woe-is-me, ingratitude, and pointlessness are weaving and entangling themselves amongst the firm pillars of Truth that hold my mind together and keep me from falling apart….