About Kim

Welcome to Aiming at Heaven! My name is Kim, and I’ve got a question for you:

How’s your soul?

You know, that deep-down-inside part of you where your thoughts and feelings and desires mingle and make you who you are?

No matter how unhealthy or neglected your soul may be, I’m here to let you know that in light of eternity, our souls can become healthy and hopeful!

I believe that health and hope are available this side of heaven, and the only way to travel that path is hand in hand with Jesus – the One by Whose wounds we are healed.

If this is the longing of your soul, you’re in the right place! I pray that this little corner of the internet guides you to the grace and truth your Creator wants you to receive. I pray that as we are Aiming at Heaven together, we will experience God’s supernatural healing and hope for our souls.

“Aim at Heaven and you will get earth ‘thrown in:’ aim at earth and you will get neither.” C.S. Lewis

As for all the other things you might be curious to know about me:

I am a child of God, a wife to my pastor husband, mother to three girls and two boys. I’m a Pacific Northwest Native, tea drinker, lover of reading and learning. My soul feels most at home with those thinkers and devout disciples of Christ who have gone before me, leaving their example to spur me on. I love music – my piano saved my life. I get excited about discipleship and God’s Word. Running has been a life long pleasure, but more recently have gotten into weight lifting. I enjoy playing fantasy football (my team name is madrecinco), and sporadically like to cook. Currently, I’m dabbling with naturally leavened sourdough bread baking. My favorite colors are deep shades of green and purple. I have traveled the depths of depression and anxiety and am learning to embrace God’s wisdom for healing and hope.

I hold a degree in English Humanities from Corban University and more recently have become certified in Biblical Counseling.

I’d love to get to know you too! Click on contact above and let’s chat.

“The more intelligently and believingly  we abide in Him as our redemption, the more shall we experience, even here, of ‘the powers of the world to come.’ As our communion with Him becomes more intimate and intense, and we let the Holy Spirit reveal Him to us in His heavenly glory, the more we realize how the life in us is the life of One who sits upon the throne of heaven. We feel the power of an endless life working in us. We taste the eternal life. We have the foretaste of the eternal glory.”

Andrew Murray

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