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Questioning My Answers

Do you ever end up in the same place you’ve been a hundred times? You kick yourself because you feel like you should have learned? You condemn yourself because you shouldn’t be here yet again? Me too. For me, that place is a place… Continue Reading “Questioning My Answers”

Joy-empowered Suffering

I have to confess something. I was afraid to observe Lent. Coming on the heels of my pursuit of delight (you can read that post here –¬†Softening and Delight), Lent seemed a logical contradiction. Also, there’s that whole fear of failing thing. But I’m… Continue Reading “Joy-empowered Suffering”

Of Daffodils and Death

Can Lent and delight co-exist? Delight. My year word. My life word. I’m learning it, growing into it, rejoicing in it. But angst, resistance, and fear are weaving their sinews into my heart. I don’t know what to do with Lent. Never before have… Continue Reading “Of Daffodils and Death”