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Confessions of a Prayer Failure

Short sighted. Short lived. Short tempered. Short range. Short. So often go my prayers. It’s like taking vitamins, or exercise; a duty rather than a delight. How easy it is to shrug off my lack of prayer as a typical human struggle. Is it… Continue Reading “Confessions of a Prayer Failure”

… but He can

Seven words at the heart of the issue. You can’t do it, but He can. I was surprised when the words, ‘you can’t do it,’ left my lips headed for my kids’ ears. Surprised, first because of their contradiction to cultural messages, and second… Continue Reading “… but He can”

Weather Forecasts and Soul Barometers

  Given opportunity, I will be consumed by consuming. Books, Music, ideas, information. But gorging on input has been hindering my output. Last month, God prompted me to attempt an ‘input fast.’ I needed to dam the flow of input into my soul, with a very… Continue Reading “Weather Forecasts and Soul Barometers”

Be Coming

She sits, legs dangling, on the kitchen counter. That same wisp of hair again hangs over her right eye and I gently reach out and tuck it behind her ear. “I just don’t know who I am!” She sighs. “What am I supposed to… Continue Reading “Be Coming”

Joy in the Whirlwind: when plans come undone

My husband delivered the disappointing news with a smile. A smile that communicated gratitude in the midst of uncertainty. After $600 of work, it’d been determined our suburban was terminal. A few days prior, our offer on a home in Albany was rejected. And… Continue Reading “Joy in the Whirlwind: when plans come undone”