when service feels frazzling

Am I the only one who can get worked up into a panic about serving God?

I wonder if I’ve whizzed by some obscured path that God really intended for me to take. I worry about whether or not I’m doing exactly what I should be doing at this very moment and I wonder if I am doing it well enough.

Please tell me I’m not the only one?!

The seconds of uncertainty consume me – did I say the right thing here, do the right thing there? So many options of what to do over the next 15 minutes, what am I supposed to do?

I become frazzled by the specifics of serving God. I don’t want to miss His plan.

But God isn’t a task master, He is a Father.

I think of my own children and wonder if some of the thoughts I have toward them are a hint of His thoughts toward me.

If my child willingly and joyfully served me by, let’s say, cleaning the bathroom, whoa! I would be thrilled! Or they sweep the floor, or pull some weeds, or mow the lawn, or vacuum, or comfort a younger sibling, or …… you get the idea.

Wouldn’t any of us parents practically throw a parade for our child who joyfully served us or someone else? And we certainly wouldn’t look down on them judgmentally or with displeasure because they scrubbed the kitchen floor instead of washing the car. Their joyful overflow of love paired with any action would be praiseworthy to the extreme.

What if my relationship with my children reflects the heart of God more than does a micro-managing mid-level supervisor?

Maybe God is not so concerned with the what as He is with the how.  

It’s not about the task, its about the motivation.

I may be preaching to myself here, but I imagine there are some of you who understand what I’m talking about.

God is not an exacting boss, but a generous gift giver who delights in our efforts to bring Him glory. He delights in our love for Him that works itself out in joyful service – no matter what it looks like.

My frazzle is self-fed fear of rejection and disapproval.

I’m learning to let Love in and let fear out. Remembering He is Father, not task-master. Cherishing His care rather than vainly attempting to earn what I already possess in Him.

What peace comes from serving like a child of God!


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