For the sake of…

Psalm 143:11

“For the sake of Your name, O Lord, revive me.”

How many times have I prayed for God’s help and intervention for the sake of my own comfort and ease? Like David, I often cry out to God and at times, like David, it feels as though God has turned His face away (v. 7). Yet rarely do I consider God’s perspective as David did.

David recognized that as one loved by God, he was a testimony of God’s character to the nation of Israel and its neighbors. Eyes were watching how God dealt with him. So David appeals to God for the sake of God’s reputation among the people. David had a perspective that went beyond his own concerns. He perceived God’s concerns – namely, His glory.

Our prayers shine a light on the true motivations of our hearts.


Help me to seek after You and Your glory, even in the midst of trial and difficulty. This life is about Your glory, not mine. If You see fit to bring glory to Yourself through my trials, so be it. May my heart’s motivation be to bring You glory, not my own comfort and ease.


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