Light Unfolding

Psalm 119:130 “The unfolding of Your words gives light; It gives understanding to the simple.”

Unfolding. This word picture moves me. I see images in my mind that, even if I were a talented painter, I’d be ill equipped to translate into this material world. Light coming gently, layer by layer, illuminating darkness.

I think of darkness. How darkness covered the deep at creation until God’s Word – then Light.

I think of the darkened state of humanity brought about when Words of Light were twisted by power of darkness and human flesh ate the forbidden flesh of fruit.

I think of stormy darkness and downpour and deluge. Of Noah and kin sealed in darkness of the ark.

I think of darkness of oppression. God’s own people beaten down, bloody and hopeless.

But in every event, God sent His Word – unfolding light in the darkness.

His blazing light called out to Moses. And through the final plague of death and darkness, brought freedom and light. The nation became a people led through the darkness and the wilderness by Blazing Light of God.

After days upon days of downpour, God unfolded His Word – His promise – before Noah in the light of a many colored bow in the sky. His word and light burst through our atmosphere reflecting unhindered in a million directions the Light of His Word of promise.

The Word came into the darkness of fallen humanity. Forbidden fruit eaters with the taste of death ever lingering on our tongues. As the Word unfolded in this world, Light shined in the darkness. He tasted darkness of death, but His Light overcame and shines brighter still in all who taste of His life – of His bread and His wine.

Psalm 119:131 “I opened my mouth wide and panted, For I longed for Your commandments.”

Yes, I long. This life aimed at heaven only finds satisfaction from the King of Heaven.

Lord, may Your Word unfold Your Light in this life.

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