I Have Too Many Children – Confessions of a Humbled Mother

I have too many children to care for their every need.

Too many messes to keep under control – I clean up one and they make five more.

Too much naughtiness to keep in constant check. I don’t have enough patience to calmly meet their wrongdoing with perfectly executed and effective consequences. The disobedience and correction never ends. I don’t have enough strength and fortitude to keep from throwing my hands in the air some days.

There are too many boo-boos – every single day. I don’t have enough compassion to tenderly nurse my children through each big and small wound, inside and out. Sometimes I don’t care like I should. My empathy muscle needs a serious growth spurt.

They have too many young hurts; hurts that will multiply, intensify, and I can never satisfy. I don’t have enough insight to know their minds and hearts, to understand them wholly and be certain they are living in truth.

There are too many of them and too few hours in a day. I don’t have enough individual moments to give them each day, the way that I long to. I’m not with them all each step of their way.

I don’t have enough wisdom.

I don’t have enough love.

I don’t have enough gentleness or selflessness or grace.

God knows I try, and every day I fail.

But in all my not-enough You, God, are more-than-enough.

And I’m glad that I’m not enough, otherwise my pride would run away with me. It would take control, create, and perfect my children in my own flawed image.

My children keep me in constant need of You, and I keep them in need of You too.

That’s precisely where you want us.

Because You, Constant and Loving One, long to meet all our needs.

I have too many children to be their everything. They depend on me, so I depend on You.

Even though I love my kids and try to raise them in a loving, caring and Godly manner, I still fail. We all do. It’s a daily reminder that we are needy.

It’s also a daily reminder that in so many other areas (uuuggghhh) I am needy too. We all are. That’s the way God created us.

I’ve been contemplating and studying the idea of our need and look forward to sharing with you what God has been teaching me over the next several weeks.

Join me in learning to be AT EASE IN NEED. 


3 thoughts on “I Have Too Many Children – Confessions of a Humbled Mother”

  1. I love your insights into being a Mom. None of us can be what is referred to as Supermom! There was no blueprint or instruction step by step manual given to us after we gave birth to each individual(and usually very different from the others) child. It seems like we are constantly learning on the job, and sometimes even after the fact of a situation. It made me realize my dependence on the Lord more than any other situation I’d gone through in life. Pray first, rather than panic, was a huge lesson I was given through some situations with our second child.

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  2. Oh yes, been there with you so many times. But, God is good. When we’re faithful to him, he is faithful to us and our children. Mine are older now and they are fabulous young people not because of what I’ve done but because of what God can do through an often inadequate-feeling mom.

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