Remember Nhu

We all know that child sex slavery is a rampant worldwide atrocity. If you’re like me, you’ve sometimes wondered what you can do to help. It seems like such a big and far away problem. How can a small town stay-at-home-mom begin to make a difference?

In April 2016, my husband and I traveled to Okinawa, Japan for a mission trip. That’s where we met Mark. He and his wife are missionaries in Cambodia with an organization called Remember Nhu. Mark shared the joys and struggles of the work he and his wife do in Cambodia. Through his sharing, God worked in my heart and my husband’s, prompting us to get involved in this ministry.

Remember Nhu is unique in its mission because it seeks to prevent child sex slavery before it starts. They operate almost 40 refuge homes worldwide that are a safe place for at-risk children to live, be educated, and hear the hope of the Gospel!

To really understand the heart behind this ministry, you must first hear the story of it’s namesake: Nhu (Click Here For Nhu’s Story – and have a tissue handy!)


I know there a many good causes and effective ministries that you could potentially give to. But, when faced with the reality and horror of the existence of child sex slavery, ask God, “How do You want me to help?” And would you please consider supporting the work of Remember Nhu? You can make an impact on eternity!